Owning The Origami Sun – Owning the facilities of Vinhomes Grand Park

⛩ Located in Vinhomes Grand Park, The Origami Sun inherits the most eco-green space and the most comfortable in the East of Ho Chi Minh City. Just owning an apartment here is to immediately own the privilege of experiencing the perfect utility system of a world-class metropolis – a prominent diamond utility city with 6 pillars of power:

? Vinmec International General Hospital: The leading medical examination and treatment system with the 5-star hotel hospital model, providing perfect, fast and convenient health care for residents.

? Vinschool Preschool and High School: Always leading in curriculum innovation and application of international quality textbooks, Vinschool is the incubator for a generation of global citizens full of bravery and confidence.

? Vincom Mega Mall: the largest scale in the East area, offering all residents smart and modern shopping – entertainment experiences.

? 45-storey office tower: Place the headquarters and branches of many companies, where the intellectuals converge and harmonize with the development of the new era.

? The Manhattan Commercial Center: Located at the “heart” of Vinhomes Grand Park, The Manhattan converges a chain of bustling boutique villas and shophouses, creating the top shopping experience for residents.

? The Manhattan Glory Pier: Located next to the romantic river, a luxury marina with a limited number of berths, restaurant facilities, terrace cafe, giving residents moments of relaxation “5 stars” high-class, high-quality living.

Don’t miss the chance to become a resident of the last 5 most beautiful apartment buildings – the most beautiful – The Origami Sun.

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