Analyse the project, rental of Vinhomes Grand Park

1. Apartment rental analysis of Vinhomes Grand Park (The Origami sector)

Unit type Average heart area Average price

(includes VAT) (Unit: billion VND)

The estimated profit rate
(Unit: %/ year)
Estimated rental price

(Unit: million VND / month)

Studio 33 1.7 5.6% 7.9
1BR 36 1.9 5.6% 8.8
1BR+1 46,5 2.35 5.6% 10.9
2BR 59 2.98 5.4% 13.4
2BR+1 69 3.5 5.4% 15.7
3BR 85 4.3 5,6% 20
3BR+1 100 5 5.8% 24

* The rates is the market’s average low, safety rate.

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2. Low-rise houses Rental Profit Analysis (The Manhattan and The Manhattan Glory sector)

Commercial townhouses

Unit type (base on land area) Average floor area Average price

(includes VAT) (Unit: billion VND)

Estimated profit rate
(Unit: %/ year)
Estimated rental price

(Unit: million VND / month)

84m2 243.8 12.5 5% 52
96m2 279.1 14.3 5% 59
126m2 437.1 15.62 5% 65
144m2 498.1 19.8 5% 82.5

Boutique Villa

Unit type (base on land area) Average floor area Average price

(includes VAT) (Unit: billion VND)

Estimated profit rate
(Unit: %/ year)
Estimated rental price

(Unit: million VND / month)

302m2 32.3 5.5% 148


Unit type (base on land area) Average floor area Average price

(includes VAT) (Unit: billion VND)

Estimated profit rate
(Unit: %/ year)
Estimated rental price

(Unit: million VND / month)

253m2 27.5 5% 114.6

*All rates is the market’s average low, safety rate.

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3. Vinhomes Grand Park is right for you, if you are interested in:

1. A reputable investor, has experience in real estate investment and development

Vingroup – a well-known private economic group with two of Vietnam’s largest luxury real estate brands: Vinhomes (housing) and Vinpearl (resort real estate).

2. Closed ecosystem, diversified internal and external utilities

Vinhomes Grand Park also owns a closed ecosystem model like other Vingroup projects. A green urban area will be formed here, far from the center, but all needs from travel, dining, shopping to relaxation, entertainment, health care, and study are fully met.

3. Good location, linked the regions by major traffic axes

The project is adjacent to the arterial roads such as Hanoi Highway, Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, Metro Line 1, Ring Road No. 2, No. 3, Mai Chi Tho Street … Commuting between area to the city center and neighboring provinces is very easy.

4. Affordable housing segment is being interested

In the current period, affordable housing segment is being noticed. The demand is big while the market scale is limited.

5. Flexible payment method

Payment schedule is devided into 5 times until receiving the house. The bank will provide financial support up to 70% of the apartment value.

4.Internal utilities

  • Vinhomes Grand Park is built in the model of a miniature city with full synchronous infrastructure facilities: education, health, sports, cultural, shopping, and entertainment.
  • Vingroup commits to bring all the common utilities that Vingroup provided for older projects such as:
    • Stable water supply system
    • Good backup power system in public areas
    • Central air conditioning is stable (for shared corridors area)
    • Street landscape infrastructure is arranged in harmony with common facilities for residents
    • Smart car cellar
    • The common house aims to combine activities in the community
    • The outdoor swimming pool meets the needs of the people for swimming, exercising and sports
    • Sports fields system: mini soccer fields, basketball fields, tennis courts.
    • Gyms with modern equipment
    • 24/7 surveillance camera systems
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5.Information about the developers of the Vinhomes Grand Park project:

5.1 Vingroup:

Vingroup’s forerunner is Technocom Group, established in 1993 in Ukraine. In the early 2000s, Technocom returned to Vietnam, focused in investment in tourism and real estate with two original strategic brands, Vinpearl and Vincom. By January 2012, Vincom Joint Stock Company and Vinpearl Joint Stock Company merged and officially operated under the Group model under the name of Vingroup – Joint Stock Company.

Vingroup is one of the largest multidisciplinary private economic groups in Asia with a market capitalization of nearly 16 billion US dollars. The Group operates in 3 core business areas, including:

  • Technology
  • Industrials
  • Commerce, Service

Vingroup introduction document: Vingroup Corporate Profile


5.2 Masterise Homes:

Masterise Homes will develop their apartment project in one subdivision of the Vinhomes Grand Park project:


Masterise Homes is a member company of the Masterise Group. They have real estate projects under the brand name Masteri, Millenium, M-one.

Read more at:

5.3 Mitsubishi Corporation:

Mitsubishi owns 40% of the investment of The Origami apartment complex (the others: 40% Nomura, 20% Vingroup).

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses together with its offices and subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries and regions worldwide, as well as a global network of around 1,700 group companies.

MC has 10 Business Groups that operate across virtually every industry: Natural Gas, Industrial Materials, Petroleum & Chemicals, Mineral Resources, Industrial Infrastructure, Automotive & Mobility, Food Industry, Consumer Industry, Power Solution and Urban Development. Through these 10 Business Groups, MC’s current activities have expanded far beyond its traditional trading operations to include project development, production and manufacturing operations, working in collaboration with our trusted partners around the globe.

Read more at:

5.4 Nomura Real Estate Development Corporation:

As a real estate corporation from Japan, investing 40% in The Origami apartment subdivision (the remaining 40% Mitsubishi Corp, 20% Vingroup). The Group has the following businesses: residential development, offices, retail facilities, logistics facilities, and corporate real estate.

Read more at:

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