Vinhomes Grand Park: Serving more than 2,000 guests per day

Hơn 2.000 lượt khách là con số ghi nhận nhanh tại Sàn giao dịch BĐS Vinhomes Grand Park trong ngày đầu chính thức làm thủ tục với khách hàng. Con số này chắc chắn sẽ tiếp tục tăng mạnh trong những ngày sắp tới.

Vmarket is “thirsty” supply, plus the heat of Project Vinhomes Grand Park – Smart city – the first park of TP. Every day there are thousands of customers who need to learn the project. According to actual records on 2 weekends 5/7 and 6/7, the Vinhomes Real ESTATE Exchange (3rd floor, Vincom Megamall, Dist. 2, HCMC) serves more than 2,000 guests per day, creating a vibrant atmosphere that has not seen before.

Over the past few days, visitors to the Vinhomes Grand Park exchange of thousands of people

Customers come to explore the Vinhomes Grand Park project as well as the procedures with the owner from

The procedures of the CTEL are strengthened to serve a spike in customers ‘ wages

The number of customers to the trading platform continues to increase every hour

Recognition of the level of market recognition, Ms. Le Thi Thu page – Director of VI Property Company, one of 63 official distributor of the project said “Vinhomes Grand Park can be said to be the most awaited project in the market , launching at the moment the market supply is scarce. Therefore, nearly 6.000 apartments have been consumed within 01 special day, Vinhomes Grand Park is a remarkable advantage of the size of a great urban populations and new gadgets, unique , in order to serve the highest standard of resident life “.

“City of Smart Park – the smart” Vinhomes Grand Park is the focus of the Ho Chi Minh real ESTATE market. Hcm
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Known, “Smart City – Park” Vinhomes Grand Park has a total area of 271ha, located in Long Binh and Long Thanh My ward, District 9 – the eastern gateway of TP. Hcm. This is also the first international-class smart city in HCMC to be managed on the basis of intelligent technology, where residents will enjoy a trendy life with unprecedented experience in the modern ecosystem , full of amenities. In addition, the project also owns 36ha Park with 15 diverse theme parks, leading to Southeast Asia.
British Quang Trung, a client present at the trading platform on 5/7 said his spouse signed up to buy 1 unit waiting for the turn to sign with the CTEL: “There are many customers waiting to register for houses at the project , but the current number is not enough to meet during this sale, “he shares more.
Earlier in the month of 6, the project made an impressive figure in the event of project introduction of more than 12,000 sales available at Quan Zone 7 Stadium from 63 the official distributor of the project. To date, more than 2,000 customers to the trading platform in one day is also the next record number of Vinhomes Grand Park, this number is expected to rise sharply in the next days.
Some pictures of the event introduced Vinhomes Grand Park project:

The event attracted over 12,000 sales from 63 agents

With unprecedented scale, Vinhomes Grand Park has initially created a deep impression in the real ESTATE market in general and for customers in particular

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